A Crash Course on Clutter Cleanup

Face it, not everyone is a domestic god or goddess. Some of us live in a house that is chaotic and cluttered. But, it is easier to get your home and work spaces organized than you may think. These simple first steps will point you in the right direction.

Set a Goal

It is a good idea to know what you want to accomplish. If it's simply throwing out piles of old, useless things, you should not have much a problem knowing where to start. Arm yourself with garbage bags and jump right in. But if your goal is more ambitious- like cleaning up the garage- you will need to purchase a few supplies before beginning.

Get Totes

Whether you want to clearly see your belongings, or if you want attractive colored totes, it really does not matter. Just be sure to buy several that will help you get started. A good number to start with would be six in a manageable size. Do not get containers that are too large if you intend on filling them with heavy items, or you will not be able to lift and move them later. Totes can be discernibly labeled, and you will be able to identify what is inside without having to open them. Cardboard boxes are a suitable substitution, though they are not as sturdy as plastic, stackable totes.

Pick One Room

The problem most people have is trying to take on too many tasks at one time. One of the key first steps to getting your home organized is to start small. You do not want to overwhelm yourself and lose your motivation. Taking the process one step at a time will help immensely, and you will stay focused.

Sort Belongings

Making several small stacks with like items can help. Important papers only go in the stack with other important papers. Children's toys will go with other toys. If you have bought totes, you can place the appropriate items directly into the bins for these things and part of your work is done immediately.

Some of us are faster workers than others, but this really should not matter. Just stick with it and, in time, you will see a noticeable difference in your surroundings. With just a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a well-organized home, too.