How to Get Rid Of Allergens in Your Home

It is important to reduce or get rid of allergens in our homes, especially for people who have allergies. The allergens will make you sneeze, have a scratchy throat and other conditions. Yes, the medication may work but removing and avoiding allergens from the house is the most important thing.

In the bedroom, the pillows, box springs and the mattresses should be encased with dust mite proof covers. The sheets, blankets and pillowcases should be washed in warm water at least once a week.

In the flooring, the carpet should be vacuumed weekly. In some cases linoleum and hard wood flooring should be used instead of carpeting, to make the floor easily washable.

The curtains should be washable; made of synthetic fabric or plain cotton. During the pollen season, the windows should be closed and air conditioning used. Condensation and molds on the window sills and frames should be cleaned.

When it comes to furnishing the house, use chairs, dressers and night stands that are easy to clean. Mainly, they should be made of metal, leather, plastic or wood, avoid upholstery furniture.

All the items that collect dust and other allergens such as books, toys, dolls and magazines should be stored in plastic bins. Pets should also be cleaned as they shed dander with allergens in the house. In case the weather permits the pet can be kept outside.

Use gravel over the dirt that is found in the aquariums and potted plants in the sitting rooms to contain mold. In the fireplaces, stoves and wood as gases and smoke worsen the respiratory allergies.

In the kitchen, wash the dishes daily; sinks and faucets should be scrubbed to remove food debris and mold. Keep food in sealed containers. The cabinets and countertops should be cleaned thoroughly with detergent and water. The food waste should be removed from the kitchen quite often. Allergy-proofing the home takes time, effort and commitment but is worth it.