It's Time to Get Organized

Organization is the key to finding what you need when you need it. Aside from housekeeping efforts or the results of hired maid services; organization can always use an upgrade. Many things create clutter, get lost, or even get damaged based on how and where they are placed. In most cases, their placement is not structured. They simply get tossed around here and there so that you have to hunt for them when you need them down the road.


Typical clutter items like the nails, screws, unclaimed parts, wires, power adapters, fan remotes, shelf pins, wall anchors, etc. just collect into a piling mess in the strangest places. In addition, broken parts are often kept because you can fix the item they went to, but never seem to have what you need to fix it or simply don’t have the time. Regardless, all of these items get scattered within various rooms. This is a great opportunity to use small storage containers to keep those items in one place or fewer places. When you are missing a part or need something you know you have; you can check the container rather than shuffle around the house swearing that you know it is here somewhere. Labeling containers also will help at those times when you need something specific.


Kids' toys are perhaps one of the biggest challenges many households face. The toys can often become scattered around in various rooms and many even get lost. Legos and Play-Doh can be removed from the boxes or packaging and placed in small totes for easy retrieval and easier cleanup. Puzzles come in cardboard boxes that often get crushed, torn, or mangled. Small totes work great for that too and you can cut out the picture and tape to the container for each puzzle. This also makes retrieval and cleanup easier for both adults and kids.