Decorating Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Summer tends to encourage people to get together, chat, play, and eat, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be the successful host of a gathering of friends and family. One of the things you will want to do is to decorate for summer, and thankfully, there are some great tips to get your outdoor spaces looking as perfect as possible.

When you’re looking to re-do your décor for summer, try some of these:

Use Mirrors. Mirrors have the incredible ability to make spaces look much, much larger, and this is especially true of outdoor spaces with landscaping and greenery, where it’s often hard to tell what is being reflected and what is actually real.

If you have the space for it, install a couple of tall mirrors in your garden to created even more depth.

Fragrant Flowers. When you use fragrant flowers, you can create a mood immediately upon entering the space. Tropical-smelling flowers are likely to make you feel like you’re going on vacation every time you walk out the door, while sweet-smelling flowers will remind you of spring. 

Outside, fresh air and floral fragrances create a presence and experience for your senses.

Outdoor Lighting. If you ever stay out on your deck or porch long into the night with friends and family, choose and install some outdoor lighting. It can be bold, unique, and complicated or extremely simple—the idea is to create a lighting system that is comfortable for you to use and facilitate the use of your porch or deck even at night. 

What will you do in your space? Go bold in your colors? Pull in accessories? Don’t forget to invite friends over once it’s ready!