Enhance Your Cleaning Efforts with New Interior Moulding

Your home cleaning efforts are only as good as the décor. This is especially true with moulding or trim. Moulding tends to fade, scuff, crack, break, or even fall off. The room may look decent, but the moulding is something that you may not be able to be cleaned enough to make the room look spectacular. Upgrading your trim is an inexpensive addition that enhances your housekeeping and maintenance efforts.

When looking to upgrade your interior moulding, there are several elements to know about to help you find the best fit for all your trim needs.

Moulding is available in several materials, such as oak, poplar, pine, vinyl, and composite. Oak is stronger and more durable. Composite cleans easier and is also durable. Vinyl cleans well, but is more susceptible to scuffs. Pine is a very common wood for trim and stains or paints easily. Poplar is a softer wood, but is more economical and budget-friendly.

Aside from materials, moulding includes many types, such as cove moulding, base moulding, window and door casings, divider moulding, etc. You will have no problem getting everything you need, as long as you understand what is available.

Lastly, moulding is offered in several designs. This can include trim with engravings, trim with routed edges, trim with a slight inward curve, and even trim with imprints or laminate coverings.

No matter what type of moulding you desire, upgrading will enhance your cleaning efforts and make your rooms all that more spectacular!