Four Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

Sometimes, it’s the little things that frustrate you the most. That squeak in your floorboards, the fact that you can never find a bandage when you need it, or the persistent smell of fish clinging to the pan you used to cook it!

Banish these annoyances with a few tips—from house cleaning to keeping your potato chips fresh, these four tips might surprise you and will definitely help you!

Squeaky Hardwood Floor? Fix that in no time: all you need is baby powder and a broom. Sprinkle baby powder on the floor where the floor is creaking, then sweep it to push it between the boards. Wipe away the excess and watch the squeak disappear. 

The baby powder acts as a cushion, preventing the friction that causes the creaking—and this tip takes less than 5 minutes!

Messy Medicine Cabinet? If you’ve ever been looking for a bandage or pain killers and ended up dumping half of the medicine cabinet on the ground, this tip is for you! Make the medicine cabinet a thing of the past—buy a tackle box instead. 

A tackle box has many small sections to hold little things like eye droppers, medicine dosing cups, and bandages, as well as larger sections to hold your medicines. 

Remember to store your new medicine tackle box out of reach of children and pets.

Fish Smell in Your Pan? That fish you cooked was delicious—the smell it left in your pan is not nearly as nice. Get rid of that stubborn smell with vinegar—boil the vinegar in the pan for 10 minutes, then wash as you normally would. The smell will be long gone!

Stale Bagged Food? There's not too many things more disappointing than reaching in for potato chips and finding them stale. Resealable bags are extremely convenient, but not all companies have caught onto that yet. Make your own with painters tape! The best way to do this and prevent staleness is to take two longer strips and overlap them, then fold down the bag and seal the entire opening with them (horizontally). 

Considering the small amount you’ll use, this is really cost effective and will definitely keep your food fresh.