Get Some Bold Color In Your Bedroom

If you've been looking around your bedroom trying to decide what to do to freshen it up, it might be time for a color overhaul. Before you go running to shop for paint, think about what kind of feeling you want and how bold you're willing to go with the paint.

Three bedrooms from HGTV might give you some food for thought:

Exotic & Rich

Crimson and gold create a rich, luxurious room that feels exotic and elegant at the same time. The dark colors are softened by a white bed spread and canopy. Accessorized with bold patterns and gold accents, this room comes together into an almost palatial design.

Natural Garden

If you love charming and cozy, then a light green and rose-themed room might be perfect for you. Light green color on the walls paired with a rose-colored blanket and a floral patterned bed and rug make for a cozy, garden-inspired room.

Glitz & Glamor

Purple already conveys royalty and luxury, but paired with stately gray shades, it becomes the high of glitz and posh design. The elegant colors include metallic and are accompanied by wood features and glass accessories that bring pull the room together and keep it grounded and beautiful.

What do you want your room to say about you? What colors would you choose?