How Can I Organize My Lingerie Drawer?

If you have got a dresser that is crammed with tangled hosiery, stretched-out panties and uncomfortable bras, it is high-time you did something about it. There isn’t any reason for you to hoard lingerie which doesn’t fit. If you are one of those individuals that are having this question: “How can I organize my lingerie drawer?” read the paragraphs below so as to learn how you can organize and beautify your lingerie drawer.

Check to See If They Still Fit
Do this by trying on each and every single piece of lingerie to ensure that it does still fit. If you discover anything that has lost its color or elasticity, just throw it away. Check also the bras and if you find any which doesn’t fit, just get rid of it.

Clean the Drawers’ Inside
Ensure that your drawers’ inside are free from dirt and dust. Get the drawer’s bottom lined with some pretty wrapping paper or wall paper. This is to offer the drawer an appealing look each and every time it is opened.

Match Up and Coordinate
Match the sets together and string the panty’s leg through the under-band strap to prevent it from separating. You may organize your drawers by use, color or mood. For instance: no panty-lines knickers, trainer socks, and sports bras can be placed in one drawer; all multi-way and shape-wear lingerie in another drawer; and the lacy items, matching sets as well as teeny thongs in another. If you want to organize your lingerie by color but don’t have much drawer space, you may hang some up so as they acts as décor.

Use Dividers to Separate Them
While placing the lingerie in the drawers, use dividers to cautiously separate each of the items. Don’t place molded-up bras folded within each other as this will cause damage to the bra’s shape. Use drawers that are longer, and place them flat. Get an empty bottle of your much loved perfume and wrap it in a scarf; nestle it then in the midst of your special sets. This will instill your lingerie with your much loved scent due to the subtle aroma given off.