How to Effectively Clean Your Refrigerator

gsappp-dsc-2697-f-120213Have you ever encountered a refrigerator with moldy leftovers, stains and disgusting maggots crawling all over? A lot of things can happen inside a refrigerator, and if it’s not well cleaned this will be the scenario that will greet you one morning. However, cleaning your refrigerator doesn’t have to be a daunting task, just follow the following simple steps:

Steps to Cleaning Your Refrigerator

  1. Open the doors and remove all the contents inside. If you have any perishable goods, place them in clean Tupperware and use a cooler to store them in the meantime.Throw away any old leftover food, and check expiration dates on all your condiments and other stored food if they are in the original packaging.
  2. Remove any drawers or shelves if they can be taken out and put them aside to be cleaned later.
  3. Once your refrigerator is empty, it is time to start cleaning. Get a basin and fill it with water and add a little dish detergent. Take a sponge, dip it into the mixture, and clean the walls and the racks of the fridge. If there are any rusty stains or dried-out sauces that are difficult to remove, use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove them.
  4. After removing the unwanted stains, wipe the interior of your fridge. Make sure you remove all the dirt. Repeat the procedure until the racks and walls of your fridge are clean.
  5. Get a clean dry cloth and clean the coils of your fridge. Remove any accumulated dirt and cobwebs. To make things easier, use a shop vacuum cleaner to clean the soils. Cleaning the coils is necessary to reduce energy consumption.
  6. Find out where the machine collects the excess water and empty the container. Clean the water container to avoid mold formation.
  7. Change the water filter if the refrigerator has water storage system or an ice maker. If possible, change the filter every 3 months.
  8. Check the rubber gasket of your fridge. Straighten out any wrapped areas, as this might lead to loss of cooling.
  9. Wash the drawers and if you pulled them out, the shelves, then dry them and place them back in the refrigerator.
  10. Place all your good food items back into the refrigerator.  

Cleaning your refrigerator should be done at least once a month to avoid grime buildup and old food dangers. And if you would like assistance with your housekeeping duties, The Maids of Greater Lehigh Valley, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania would be happy to help!