Important Sanitation Strategies for Your Home

7237-101413-gs7237In order to avoid cases of sickness in your home, it is important to maintain good sanitation habits. If you don’t, your home can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Below are some important sanitation strategies for your home: 

1. Use a clean cutting surface

Before you place your food on your cutting board to chop it, you should make sure to wash it before use. Since raw foods come in direct contact with the cutting board, you will need to clean the cutting board both before and after you used it.

2. Wash hands before you start cooking

It is necessary for you to wash your hands so that you will avoid contaminating the food. Remember, you may have touched surfaces which were not clean. To avoid the transfer of germs to your kitchen, you should wash the hands thoroughly.

3. Wash your fresh produce

You should always wash fresh vegetables thoroughly before you cook them. This is necessary to remove all the pesticides which may have been deposited on the surfaces of the fruits and vegetables at the garden, as well as any bacteria from the soil or other environmental pollutants.

4. Avoid placing raw meat on the kitchen counter

Raw meat contains germs that can cause severe sickness, so you need to make sure that it does not contaminate your kitchen area. Always clean countertops and cutting boards exposed to meat thoroughly after encounters with meat products.

With these simple sanitations tips you will be able to keep your kitchen a sanitary place to prepare food for your family. And if you would like assistance with housekeeping, don’t hesitate to contact The Maids of Greater Lehigh Valley, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.