Keep Your Painting Projects Mess Free

There are few things more annoying than working on a painting project and discovering that you have unwittingly left paint footprints on the ground behind you or got paint on an area you didn’t want because you were trying to reach something completely different.

Paint, especially, is a house cleaning nightmare. Skip the nightmare by following these paint-saving, stain-preventing tips!

Repurpose a water bottle box. Those boxes that 24-packs of water bottles come in are great for preventing messes when you’re painting! Cut the plastic wrapping down and fold it into the box, then use the box to hold your paint can and brushes. If you drip paint, it will hit the box before it hits the drop cloth (or the floor or your shoes!). 

Better uses for a painting pad. You know that really small, tight area you want to paint? No matter which way you turn, neither the roller nor the paintbrush is doing the job well enough. 

If that describes a situation you’ve been in, here is the solution: take a painter’s pad, attach it to the end of a stir stick, and use it—the coverage of a roller, the size of a brush. It’s the perfect combination!

Get the tape off. If you have stick masking or painter’s tape that just refuses to come off there’s an easy solution: use a blow dryer to melt the adhesive on the tape, then pull it at a 90 degree angle slowly until it all comes off. 

If there’s any adhesive left on the surface, there are specially-designed cleaners that do a great job at getting them off.