Kids and Hazardous Chemical Safety in Your Home

haz chem suit frontChemicals have become invaluable in every day cleaning. However, many chemicals are extremely hazardous, especially for little ones. Children are particularly vulnerable because of their behavior, which includes:

  • Increased hand-to-mouth activity 
  • The tendency to play and crawl into spaces that could be contaminated 
  • The lack of awareness about safety and sanitary habits  

It is important that you take precautions to protect your children from these hazardous materials. Below are some tips to do just that:

Store Chemicals Correctly

Chemical come in containers that are designed to safely store them. If not stored properly, these products can make your home environment extremely dangerous for your family. Make sure that you store these chemicals in their original containers, and if you do transfer them into another container, make sure that it is one that can safely store those particular chemicals. 

Keep Chemicals Locked Away

With little ones in the home it is important to keep chemicals where they do not have access to them. If they are stored in lower cabinets, make sure that the cabinet has some type of locking mechanism to keep curious little ones out.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents

One way to make your home safer is by using non-toxic products. For instance, you can use natural cleaning supplies like vinegar, soda ash, baking soda, and cream of tartar, which are readily available in local stores, instead of hazardous cleaning products.  

Another way to protect your little ones is to reduce the number of chemicals needed in your home. One way to do so would be to hire a maid service like The Maids of Greater Lehigh Valley, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to handle your cleaning for you.