Nurturing Young Helpers

If housekeeping has you super busy and you need help, start with your children. By getting them involved, you can get the assistance you need and teach your children life lessons on responsibility. It can be a win/win situation.

Most people know that children are eager to help, but getting them to be consistent can be a different matter. They enjoy the fun stuff, like baking or brushing the snow off of the car, but making up their bed every morning can seem overwhelming for even the most industrious little tot. The reason for the drudgery may be simple to understand. It is mundanely routine; “It’s BORING”.

The set-up

Presenting your housekeeping idea should be a big event. If you get them to believe that they can really help, you may have half the job done. The following suggestions may kick-start your plan.

  1. List all your household duties and demonstrate how exhausting it is. They may be giggling before long.
  2. Have your plan pre-written in a special way; post it in an important spot.
  3. Assign a duty – only one. When they get it right, consistently, they can earn a second responsibility. The reward is the work!
  4. The carrot-on-a-string can be the bonus earned. The bonus relates to the work that they love. For instance, consistently making their beds may earn a throw pillow of their choice. A neat room could earn additional shelves to make their organizational skills even better.

To keep it going

As with most everything in life, we might start a new project with a bang, but when the novelty wears off, we tend to lose interest. Life lessons may not permit that. For example, you bought a new car. You love it, but after a while, you get tired of making monthly payments. It does not work that way. Therefore, establishing early habits is a great gift you can give to your children.

  1. Create short and long-term goals for your children.
  2. Help them design their personal chore planners.
  3. Encourage them to “check-off” daily and weekly accomplishments.

Helping your children complete housekeeping chores can build a responsible work ethic that can carry with them for a lifetime and may give you some much-appreciated help.