Save Money with Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can really add up on a monthly basis. A lot of it depends on what you buy and what you need. Frozen foods that are microwavable can really add a lot to the cost. Quick dinners may be convenient, but are expensive and include items like frozen lasagna, frozen pizza, boxed meals, etc. Finding ways to cut the cost of grocery shopping can give you more money to use other ways and can even benefit you too! That money you save can be used to hire a maid service so you have more time to do other things or spend time with the family. You could also use that money to fix up the house, take a vacation, go out to dinner, or anything else your heart desires. Here is some helpful information to saving money with your grocery adventures.

Meal Preparation

One of the biggest ways to save money on groceries is to plan your meals. Keep some key factors in mind like how many people, their preferences on tastes, their food likes, etc. You want something healthy for your kids, but it also needs to appeal to them or it becomes a waste of money.

Make a daily list of things you can make for the week. Once you have a list, you can go shopping! Having this type of organization allows you to shop wisely and get what you need, not what you think you might need. So many households let food go to waste because it is never used. It was bought to have for use, but not bought to actually use. With this type of preparation, you may find that you have enough left over to get something extra that you or your family would enjoy.


Coupons are available from many sources, including the Sunday paper, the mail, the local coupon book mailer, printouts on the back of receipts, online coupon websites, manufacturer websites, etc. There is plenty of ways to obtain coupons for just about anything. Once you have a collection of coupons, you can determine what to get and can go an extra step and find a store that accepts double coupon discounts.

Frequent Shopper Cards

Another great way to cut those grocery expenses is to enroll in a frequent shopper card from a retailer. Many times, they send coupons and discounts to exclusive card members that allow you to save even more! In some cases, you get free money to use towards your purchases, but that depends on the retailer.

Competitive Shopping

Many stores accept competitor coupons or competitor sale prices. If you take the time to shop around, you could apply those deals to your grocery shopping list and get everything in one swift swoop….or at least most of it! Be sure to have the competitor ads or coupons with you as many stores require this.