Spring Cleaning: A 5-Point Checklist for Getting Started

Spring is finally starting to make it's way in, and soon everyone's going to be turning to spring cleaning. If your schedule is tight and you're not going to have time to clean, call maid services to give you a head start.

In case you have the time and want to clean but just don't know where to start, this checklist will get you started on some important tasks:

#1: Dust! 

Dust has a way of infiltrating every nook and cranny of your house, but a lot of times, dusting gets placed on the back burner. Now is the time to get it done; you might be surprised at the difference in freshness—both in appearance and in the air—when the dusting is completed. 

Here's an interesting tip: try using a sock with your spray cleaner instead of a cloth. You can slide the sock on your hand for more control, then wash it when you're done. 

#2: Clean...Your Cleaners. 

All year you've used them to keep up with your messes and to take care of your dishes, clothes, and floor. Now it's time to give your cleaners a little TLC. 

  • The Vacuum: Wipe it down, inside and out, and change out the filter. If your vacuum doesn't have a HEPA filter, you might want to consider upgrading to help remove more dust and allergens.
  • Dishwasher: Wipe the inside and out, and take a cottonswab to the area around the door to improve the seal. Then, run the dishwasher on an empty cycle with vinegar instead of soap.
  • Washing Machine: Clean off the agitator, the door, and the outside, then run a warm cycle with no clothes, adding vinegar to the wash.

#3: Clean the Walls.

Walls often get overlooked, but they need some attention, too! Cleaning the walls may be a little time consuming, but it's usually easy. Grab a microfiber cloth, some water, and a little bit of (low-sudsing) dish soap, and go for it!

#4: Declutter.

The house will feel so much cleaner when the clutter is gone. Don't be afraid to give away and throw away things you don't use, clothes that don't fit, or anything you don't love. 

Once you're decluttered, if you make maintenance a priority, the house will look neat and tidy. Get the kids involved in putting things away when they finish with them, too. Make them the Clutter Patrol for a little bit of free help!

#5: Clean Out the Fridge.

It's time for fresh fruits and vegetables and a clean start, and that means clearing out the fridge. Throw away expired food and wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge to start fresh!