The Last Frontier? Decorating Your Floors

Many homeowners think of floor decoration as limited to area rugs, but more and more often, designers are incorporating the floor into a design. As it turns out, there are plenty of options, and done correctly, they won’t wear even with frequent housekeeping.

Thinking this might be something you want to try? Here’s a few ideas to consider:

Zigzags. From the extremely popular Chevron pattern to a variety of zigzags, this is a great way to bring attention to a floor. If the rest of the room is bold in color, keep the design a little more muted. If, however; the room is mostly neutral with some accents, don’t be afraid to make the floor pattern strong!

Stripes. Stripes are some of the most classic decorating patterns available, and they don’t fail to deliver when you’re decorating your floor. Think carefully about your striping decision so that your stripes don’t overwhelm your space. Think about the size of your furniture, the size of the room, and the balance of the design.

Geometric Designs. Many modern styles lean heavily on geometric shapes for the sharp corners and clean lines they often provide, and this extends to the floor as well. These could be large shapes in big diamond checkerboards or small, clustered shapes like defined triangles. 

Whimsy. If you’re looking for a more playful approach for your quirky kitchen or your children’s playroom, go for a fun pattern. To try: flowers, diamonds, and polka dots. Remember to balance the fun throughout the room and to anchor it with solid, classic pieces and colors.

Pick a floor in your house: would you decorate it? If you were to decorate it, what would you do?