Extremely Effective Cleaning Tips

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your house feeling cleaner in a way that's much faster? No one wants to spend all day cleaning! When you don't have time to clean, maid services can step in; but if you do want to clean, here are some ideas to help you get done more quickly.

Cleaning is important, but it should never be the only thing you do, after all!

Clean Task-by-Task

Most homeowners clean room-by-room, cleaning up the living room or the kitchen and working through the house like that. Unfortunately, this often means that one or two rooms get extremely clean, while the other rooms suffer a bit. You deserve to have every room as clean as it can be, so there's a pivotal change you can make to help you get that!

Another way to clean a whole house is to clean task-by-task. This means that you choose one task at a time and go through the entire house until that task in complete. For instance, you might start in the kitchen and pick up all the trash throughout the house before moving onto a new task. 

Work Top to Bottom

Make gravity work for you rather than against you. When you work from the highest points down, dust and dirt that naturally fall to the ground below. By working this way, you'll never knock dirt onto a clean surface, and by the time you get to the floor, you'll be getting rid of all of the dirt from the room!

Dust First, Vacuum Last

Just like working top to bottom, this keeps you from having to re-clean. Once all of the trash and clutter is taken care of and you're ready to get into the real cleaning, start with dusting. You don't want to add any moisture onto a dusty surface (you'll just get dusty slush—yuck!), so get all of the dust loose first.

Finish the rest of your tasks, then vacuum the floor and furniture to whisk away the last of the dirt, both what was in the carpet itself and the dirt that has been knocked loose while you clean!