Small Space? These Decorating Tips Will Help

Decorating a small space can be a lot trickier than filling a large space. Finding the right balance is important, and that can be hard to accomplish. Thankfully, there are some good tips available for housekeeping and decorating homeowners everywhere.

When decorating a smaller room, house, or apartment, always keep the size of the room in mind as you plan. Things that might work in a large room may look differently in a small space. Here are a few ideas to get you on the path to a perfectly decorated small space:

Get Rid of Clutter. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than stacks of clutter! Go through each room and throw away things you will never use or that are broken. Give away things in decent condition that you don't use anymore, and only keep what you really want. 

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture. Whether it's an ottoman or bench that opens to reveal storage, drawers underneath the bed, or reusing a trunk as a coffee table, anytime you can combine furniture with a place to store items, you've got a great piece!

Measure First. It's comical but happens all the time: someone buys a new couch for their house only to discover that the furniture won't fit through the door! Before you go shopping for furniture, measure the room, each wall, and measure the open space of the door to make sure everything you want to bring home fits the way you want it to!

Small space doesn't have to mean undecorated or boring! Make your space sparkle, no matter what size.