Cleaning Tips from Homeowners

The writers of Right at Home asked their readers for their favorite cleaning tips. Many answered with some great, lesson-learned types of ideas. What would your favorite cleaning tip be?

Here are three favorites. Next time you're doing the house cleaning—or just trying to survive last minute guests—give these things a try:

The Dishwashing Spa. No, really! Jenny of Edgewater, Florida, has been getting super soft hands while she washes the dishes! Her trick? She washes her hands and applies her favorite moisturizer to her hands, then slips on dishwashing gloves. By the time she finishes the dishes, her hands are spa-worthy!

Did You Say 5 Minutes? Your friends call and say they're five minutes away, and could they please stop by? Yikes! One reader's tip is a solution for that anxiety-inducing moment: Peggy from Cincinnati suggests grabbing a laundry basket and gathering all of the things that are out of place in the basket. Then, stash the basket out of sight before your guests come.

Just don't forget to go back and clean it out!

Take It With You When You Go. A great tip from Noreen in Virginia Beach recognizes the importance of cleaning as you go. She recommends finding something that doesn't belong whenever you leave a room and drop it off where it actually belongs. This way, things are constantly getting put away and the house stays cleaner without really even trying. 

There are a lot of great tips that only come from cleaning experience. Will you turn dishwashing into a spa treatment or stash the clutter (temporarily!) for guests?