Cleaning Your Workspace at Home and at Work

If you're like most Americans, you have a desk at work and a desk at home, and often it's hard to tell the two apart! That's why both of your desks need cleaning in order to keep everything organized and keep you on track.

The truth is, when your workspace is unorganized, you're less efficient (and often, more frustrated!). Getting your desk organized will feel like a relief when it's finally done. 

Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Desk

This method will have your desk clean in no time at all, but the trick then is to keep it clean, and that's going to require some new habits, like putting things away as soon as you finish with them and taking a few minutes each day to clean up.


  • The Trash. There's probably some trash straggling on your desk: a gum wrapper, an old soda cup, some papers you don't need anymore. Go ahead and throw all the stuff you don't need in the trash. You'll see the difference pretty quickly.

  • The Things. The next step is to give everything a home to make it easier to clean as you go. When you know where everything is, it's not only easier to find everything, it's also much faster to put everything away. Plus, your desk will suddenly have a lot more room!

  • The Papers. If you haven't yet, create a filing system. It might seem like overkill at home, but the opposite is true: you're more likely to be unorganized at home, so you need it more there.

When your desk is clean, make it a point to pick up the trash every night and return everything to where it belongs, and your desk will stay clean!