Three Unique Wall Features

You know that one wall space in your house that never feels complete? You’ve tried every combination of photos and wall hangings, but none of it seems to complement the room correctly.

It might be time to try something completely different—something bold that will be guaranteed to look amazing!

If big ideas is what you want, Wit and Whistle has them. Check out these three great attention-getting wall art projects.


World Traveler

The next time you need to add visual interest to a wall, this might do the trick for you! A large world map (most easily purchased online) can be hung on a wall like a poster, giving it an almost wallpapered impression.

The map tends to bring out the explorer in all of us, so consider hanging this in a room where it will be most appreciated, like a guest bedroom or dining room.

Photo Mural

If you want a wall that makes a statement, this is a must have, and it couldn’t be much easier. Take a scenic black and white photo and crop it into several smaller pictures, then send those pictures to a local photo development or office supply business that can enlarge them and print them.

Once you get your large prints, arrange them on the wall so that they make the complete photo. This puts a whole new take on an accent wall. 


Name It

Whether it’s a kid’s room that needs some flair or a dining room that needs a little extra something, letters can actually be a great way to go.

There are a few different ways to add letters to a wall, but the most cost effective is the do-it-yourself kind. Pick up some pre-cut wood letters at your local craft or hardware store and paint or stain them until they look the way you want.

Once you’re happy with the way they look, you can either attach them directly to the wall or add hooks and string them onto a string or hanging wire.