How to Keep White Carpets Clean

Most people wouldn't dare to pimp their houses with light colored carpets mostly for the fear of them showing even the least amount of dirt or the tiniest of stains. These carpets, especially white ones tend to get stained easily and mostly, these stains remain permanent. Well, gone are the days when your whole floor will be filled with dark, dull colors as this article will teach you how to keep white carpets clean.

1. Taking off shoes before getting into the house.

White carpets are delicate and as mentioned above, will show small stains, tiny hair strands, footprints and even crumbs. It should be made a rule that whoever enters your house should first take their shoes off. Some people hate walking on bare feet and for this reason, it is a genius idea to have spare pairs of clean slippers or shoes near the entrance for them. You can also reduce the amount of dirt and grime getting into your house by placing an outdoor mat and indoor mat at every entrance where everyone will wipe their feet before getting into your house.

2. Vacuuming daily and steam cleaning once a year.

It is advisable to vacuum often, if not daily to keep stains and dirt away from your carpet. During this process, you should look out for stains and work on them. It is advisable for these stains to be bloated and rinsed with cold water rather than scrubbing them.

To get fat or oil stains out of your carpet, lay a paper towel over it and iron it on warm setting as this will lift it off the carpet fibers and onto the paper towel without burning the carpet. Glue can be removed by rubbing a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol onto the glue stain while for wax stains, freezing it with ice, shattering it with a blunt object and vacuuming the shattered pieces will work best.

Vacuuming carpets regularly helps prevent stains thus restoring their luster. Inviting a professional cleaner to steam clean your carpet at least once a year will help get rid of stubborn stains and hidden dirt and debris. You can also clean using simply a mop and mild detergent and it is advisable to pretest it to prevent damage to the carpet fibers.

3. Cleaning messes immediately they occur.

To keep white carpets clean, dirt, messes, stains and spots should be cleaned immediately they are spotted otherwise they will set in hence making it difficult or impossible to remove. Juice, wine, food, beverages, lipstick, wax, nail polish and cigarette ash are culprits for staining carpets and should be placed on secure surfaces to prevent them from falling off and spilling on your white carpet. Children should also not be allowed to eat or play in areas that have white carpets. White area carpets should be vacuumed on both sides to keep them spotless.

4. Though wear and tear is unavoidable, it can be made less visible by moving furniture around the house periodically so as to create changes in traffic areas. Matting can also be reduced by taking good care of your carpet and using professional cleaning services to perform your cleaning tasks.

Using the above tips will help a great deal in keeping your carpet sparkling white and bring hygiene, beauty and warmth into your house.