Making Your Bed Super Comfortable

Health experts recommend that we take 8 hours of our day sleeping. This is because sleep is not only healthy for our bodies, but also helps us to have a more alert mind. With busy days ahead, getting the most comfortable place to sleep at night is a good treat. Other than the bed, there are other things that should be looked into if one wants enjoy those few hours of evening self-recovery. The peace of mind you’ll get from good house cleaning and time to relax will help you sleep well.

To help you through, here are some tips and information to get your bed ready for some quality sleep.


Basically, you can’t ignore a mattress if you wish to have a sound sleep. There are many brands of mattresses on the market that provide different levels of comfort. When choosing your mattress, look for extra cushioning, foam top layers, spring systems, and other features that will give you the comfort levels of your choice.

Bed Warmers

Having a bed and a cozy mattress will not help you on the cold days. You need some bed warmers to offer you some warmth throughout the night or add an electric blanket for that extra warmth. Invest in an electric warming mattress pad and place it on top of the mattress if you like that combination of slipping into an already pre-warmed bed and a cozy comforter. Ensure that you position a warming pad on top of your thick bed toppers to prevent you from lying on top of the cords and wires.

Layering Your Bed

You wouldn’t expect that your bed is going to be super-comfortable and luxurious by just throwing a single pillow-top mattress or even a single pad over your mattress. For real comfort, you need extra layers. Although these layers work best as cushioning, you can always sleep underneath on cold days.

More Padding

Memory foam mattress pads come with various sizes. They offer cushioning in your bed and also offer some room for other types of padding that you may require. You can also try the egg-crate mattress pads which are amazingly comfortable, especially if you get one big enough to cover your bed top.

Of course, there’s something especially wonderful about slipping into a clean, freshly-made bed. No time to stay on top of the cleaning? The Maids Greater LeHigh Valley in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have it covered—sleep well tonight in a clean home and a comfortable bed!