Eliminate Dust Mites - "Public Enemy No 1" For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures that are often found in homes. These creatures usually live in mattresses and pillows where they burrow and lay eggs. Despite their small size, they can really cause some pretty big problems since they multiply fast. In fact, they can cause allergic reactions on sensitive individuals causing itching, sneezing, rashes and wheezing. However, these creatures cannot be completely eliminated but their number can be controlled.

Maintaining cleanliness is the first defense against dust mites. The main food for dust mites is dead skin cells that are shed by people throughout the day. Ensuring you perform a regular clean up especially in the bedroom can help prevent multiplication of these bothersome creatures. Pillows should be regularly washed, vacuumed or replaced. New pillows can be wrapped in a plastic sheet to prevent dust mites from burrowing into them. Bedding should also be changed regularly and washed in hot water in order to kill the mites.

Another effective way of getting rid of dust mites is vacuuming floors, ceiling fans, walls, carpets, chairs, lamps and other furniture. Sweeping is not an effective option because it will not get rid of the mites but will only disperse the mites and dust into the air. It is also advisable to use hot steam to treat carpets and mats to kill those mites that may not have been removed by vacuuming.

Performing regular dust-ups ad clean-ups around your house can be a good remedy for dust mite infestation. Concentrate more on areas that collect a lot of dust such as books, shades, rugs, blinds and even stuffed toys. Such items should be cleaned or replaced regularly or stored in a dust-free drawer or cabinet.

Dust mites can also be controlled through temperature control. Given that these dust mites prefer warm and humid areas, lowering the temperature could make the place inhospitable for them. Using an air conditioner and humidifier will also help discourage the proliferation of mites. 

Dust mites can be a trying problem but can be easily controlled .The best overall advice is just to keep your home as clean as possible and eliminate needless dust gathering items.