Using Cigar Boxes to Tidy up Drawers

Cleaning up drawers, sometimes, seems like the most tedious job in the world. With the drawer overflowing and your things magically disappearing, it seems like there is no place in this world to keep your belongings safe, and this cleaning nightmare doesn't end here.

The worst part is that moment you turn your back on a cleaned drawer, it gets messy again. How do you keep your drawer clean then? Well, here is a tip for keeping your drawers clean and organized- use cigar boxes to keep your drawer from overflowing.

You can sort your things according to utility or according to how frequently you use these items or maybe some other organizational system that suits you. Use separate boxes for each category of items. This will not only help in keeping your drawer neat but will also keep your things sorted, for you to find them easily later.

How to do it: First, you'll need to go through your drawer and sort out the items according to your organization plan. Keep the things you need and throw away, or better donate the rest. Don't be a hoarder.

Now, you'll need cigar boxes, equal to the number of categories in which you have divided your items. Cigar boxes are easily available in the market. You can also shop for cigar boxes online. If you want something fancy, you can browse local antique shops for fancy cigar boxes.

In case you couldn't find cigar boxes, you can use any other type of box, anything that suits you. Lastly, arrange the items of your drawer in their respective boxes, according to the categories, place these boxes in your drawer and you are done. You can also decorate your boxes or put some kind of label on them, for easier sorting of the items.