Oven Care and Maintenance Tips for Restaurants and Hotels

4064 101413 gs4064Ovens are essential in the running of a hotel or restaurant. In order to fully benefit from the use of their ovens, there needs to be adequate management and care for these appliances. Below are some great tips to help you maintain your business’s appliances:

Keep Interior Clean:

Keeping the interior of the oven clean will help to maximize its functionality. First, remove crumbs that can accumulate at the bottom, continue cooking, and eventually burn when oven is used. Clean your oven after each use to avoid this. If necessary, you can usea mild cleaning agent, such as dish detergent, that you can use to clean simple messes. However, you may need an oven cleaner product if you have hard to remove grime.Also, the racks should be removed and cleaned separately.

Properly Maintain Door Seals:

To prevent loss of heat, the door seal needs to be installed correctly and maintained. Loss of heat can significantly increase your utility bill as foods will take longer to get ready. Make sure to regularly check the seal to ensure it is not leaking heat. If it is, have the seal replaced as soon as possible.

Temperature accuracy:

It goes without saying that high or low temperatures can compromise the manner in which the oven works. You can easily purchase an affordable oven thermometer that you can use to accurately determine if the oven is heating properly.

Avoid Weighing Down Oven Door:

Finally, ensure that you don’t place or leave heavy items on the door as its hinges cannot withstand too much pressure.

You can help ensure the functionality of your oven by learning how to maintain it like a pro. And if you would like assistance of a professional maid service, do not hesitate to contact The Maids of Dallas, in Texas.