Tips To Save Energy in Your Laundry Room

5536 101413 gs5536If you want to tame your energy bills, you should focus on your laundry room because it is one of the most energy-consuming areas of your home. Follow these simple tips from The Maids of Dallas, TX or visit them for more information about the maid services they offer.

Buy a washer that is Energy Star-certified

They use roughly 40% less energy compared to standard washers and nearly 65% less water. Majority of full-sized washers use 18-25 gallons of water for every load as opposed to a standard machine which will use 40 gallons for the same load. Also, Energy Star washers are better at spinning water from the clothes, which leads to less drying time.

Fill It Up but Avoid Overfilling

A washer uses roughly the same energy irrespective of the load in it. This is why you need to ensure that you run full loads as much as possible. However, do not overfill your washer or dryer, as this will not allow your clothes to get cleaned full and the load will take longer to dry.

Wash using cold water

If you are not trying to wash off oily stains, just wash in cold water. You can even cut your energy consumption down by just lowering the temperature from hot to warm. The energy use is reduced even more if you use cold cycles.

Use the right settings

Many dryers contain a delicate or permanent press cycle that protects lighter fabrics. The settings use less energy because lighter clothes do not usually need high heat. Use high settings only for heavier fabrics.

Correct use of your washer and dryer can translate into massive savings on your energy bills. Be sure to follow these great tips, in order to save as much money as possible. And if you are interested in hiring a maid service to assist you around your home you should contact The Maids of Dallas, in Texas, who would be happy to help.