Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Have you ever noticed that you’re happier when your house is cleaner? People in general are more motivated and in improved moods when there is less visual clutter in their space.

Of course, with the way schedules are, keeping a clean house is almost impossible. It’s hard to find time to clean house—after all, the unfortunate thing about house cleaning is that it always manages to get dirty again!

Tips for Cleaning with a Tight Schedule 

Blogger Jennifer P. Williams recently addressed her own struggles with getting the house clean around her and her husband’s work schedule and their children’s schedules. 

Of course, hiring a maid service is a great idea, but if that’s not in the plan for the moment, here are some ideas to help you get through:

Each family member has a chore. This is a straightforward task, but as Jennifer points out, it’s important that the chores are age-appropriate. Once you’ve got the jobs split up, encourage and remind your children to finish their jobs. 

Tell them you appreciate their help, and enjoy the clean house together when you’re finished!

Divide and Conquer: Establish a family cleaning time. Pick a time when everyone’s home every week and work together to get the house clean. Give each person a room in which to work and then set a timer.

Work only for the duration of the timer, and when the timer beeps, everyone is done. Take a look at the work you’ve done, and especially for your children, point out things they did especially well.

Hire help. Maid service is your best bet for a busy schedule, hands down; but if money is super tight, enlist the help of a local teenager to come in and do a few household tasks for a little bit of money. Everyone will benefit a bit from that deal!

How do you keep the house clean when you’re busy?