Exploring Window Coverings via Fabrics and Materials

Have you ever wondered what the difference between fabrics and materials is? It often leads to confusion, especially since different products get described in different ways. The truth is that it is not as difficult to understand as it sounds. The end result is a fabric made from one or several materials. Your winter coat originated from a fabric, even if it includes cotton and wool.

Materials vary from one fabric to the next, but it does not matter how many or which ones. It still results in a fabric. Fabrics available can go on and on. In talking about curtains, some get described as made from fabric while others can be described by the materials.
When looking within different fabrics, some can be labeled based off the materials used while others can be based off of a particular design structure. In other words, a canvas fabric is often made from linen or cotton, while burn-out fabric consists of a design built from chemicals destruction to the fabric print to form a burned out design within the fabric.
Materials in a fabric that are bright colored can add a beautiful, elegant touch to the fabric, but are more susceptible to fading. A duller tone of material will extend the life of the appearance respectively. If you don't mind changing out your curtains more often, the brighter colors may work great for your needs.  
Doing some research on fabrics and materials will give you the power to understand the various characteristics to get what suits you best. You may do a lot of housekeeping to make a room look fantastically appealing, but things like the window curtains can take away from that appeal.